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Chiropractic does not necessitate the use of medication or surgery.




Chiropractic is a primary healthcare profession dedicated to the diagnosis, treatment, and overall management of conditions arising from issues with the body's joints, ligaments, tendons, and nerves, particularly those of the spine.

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Chiropractic is among the most widely practiced natural treatment methods globally. In the US, it ranks as the third most popular healthcare profession in terms of the number of professionals. Instead of merely treating symptoms, it focuses on the root causes of physical problems.

Chiropractic embraces a holistic vision, considering each human being as an equilateral triangle:
the Health Triad.

Chemistry, mind, and structure: any imbalance in one area can impact the other two, compromising overall wellness. Therefore, a chiropractor’s mission is to identify the root cause behind the issues reported by the patient.

Through anamnesis and physical examinations, chiropractors can gather all the necessary information to assess the patient’s health status. This includes evaluating posture and joint mobility, as well as reviewing relevant medical reports from orthopedists, neurologists, and radiologists.


How do you become a chiropractor?

In order to become a qualified professional, each chiropractor must earn a degree in Chiropractic studies and undergo training within specialized clinics. The course lasts an average of 5 years and requires approximately 5000 hours of clinical practice and theoretical studies.

Nowadays, Universities offering Chiropractic studies are located in various countries worldwide, including USA, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom, Denmark, Spain, France, New Zealand, and South Africa.

What is the Association of Italian Chiropractors?

AIC – Associazione Italiana Chiropratici (Italian Chiropractors Association) represents and promotes chiropractic, while also safeguarding patients by ensuring that practitioners are adequately trained and qualified. Membership requires attendance at a qualifying university course in Chiropractic studies.
Dr. Piero Giacobbi is a member of the association and is recognized as one of its accredited professionals:

What does Italian law say about chiropractic?

Italian law has recognized chiropractic as a legitimate practice since December 2007, as stipulated by Law 24 December 2007, n.244, Article 2 item 355.